Frumgirl 4: Some Things You Just Can’t Explain

It’s the second day of chol hamoed and I get to class early. There’s just me an one Caribbean girl there.

“I was in Target yesterday and it was just full of religious Jews. Was it some kind of shopping holiday?”

The honest answer would be, “Um, no, actually, the opposite,” but I didn’t want to have to explain that the Jewish woman will do many things because the rabbis recommend it – fast half-a-dozen times a year; glug down four cups of wine on Pesach; and even swing a chicken over their heads – but it takes God himself in all his textual glory to keep them from shopping for a week straight. So I explained that it was a sort of half-holiday and they were off from work and taking the opportunity to shop.

“And there was this one girl there in a skirt that was crazy long! Most of the women were like you – long like ankle length skirts or knee-length ones with stockings [Frumgirl4’s note: jeepers! they notice everything!] but this girl’s skirt was so long it was dragging on the floor for inches. It almost got caught in the escalator!”

My first thought was a little girl in hand-me-downs. But what mother would venture forth on chol hamoed with a poorly dressed child?

“How old was she?”

“About 13, maybe 14.”

Ah, mystery solved. “She thinks she looks cool.”

Blank look from my partner.

“Really. She thinks she looks cool like that. Just trust me.”


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  1. HAHHAHAHAHA ooooh i remember those days.
    yea thats kind of a hard one to explain. jews have their own style… and not always in a good way.

  2. was that the target by the Junction? (the new one)

    did she say if the girl was with a younger girl?

    cause that’s very funny, I was in target on Friday with my little sister, I happened to have been wearing a long skirt, usually I have a safety pin by the waste line so that it shouldn’t drag to the floor, because it’s too big on me. But I lost the safety pin so I didn’t use one.

    Everyone always thinks I’m younger than I am, so that makes sense that she would think it’s a 14 or 15 year old.

    I like to wear long skirts and not because they look “cool” I just like them better than short ones, I think it’s more tznius and has a better look. But of course it shouldn’t be dragging that you can trip on it, and that was a mistake to have it dragging too much, but it’s not always like that.

    Could be it wasn’t me she saw, perhaps it was someone else, but my answer is still the same. It’s not necessarily about being “cool”.

  3. ok realized it can’t be me, because I went to Target on Friday, and she said she saw the person on Thursday. Would have been funny if it was.

    btw, people don’t just go to target for clothes, and so far I heard you only can’t buy clothes.

  4. So, give me a source for not doing things on Chol HaMoed. I’ve often wondered. Everywhere outside NY and Israel it’s just normal days.
    The whole skirt-dragging thing isn’t limited to aspiring teens here in J’lem. Even married ladies with a couple kids are dragging their hems all over the dirty ground, and then complaining how fast their clothes wear out. I take in sewing and always suggest they just hem the skirt a few inches (to make it ankle length) but they look at me like I’m nuts. Sigh.

  5. Frum fashions must take a while to get out here. I havent seen any skirt dragging, last I remember the kids were still doing the “pyjamas under medium length skirt” thing. (Usually after coming back from sem.)

  6. i get embarrassed when im somewhere public and i see a bunch of frum girls wearing skirts dragging to the floor- i just pray that ppl arent associating me with them! it looks soooo messy, unpresentable and gives jews a bad name!

  7. Es: wow, I didn’t know that. I think you have inspired me to write a post about this.

  8. babysitter- sorry if i offended u! but u said that u dont usually wear skirts that sweep the floor, so what i said doesnt really apply to u! im just saying that the skirt-dragging-on-the-floow look is VERY shlumpy.

  9. Es: ok, I forgive you…that’s ok.
    But I did write up a post already, now the question is if I should post it or not.

  10. whats it abt?

  11. It’s really funny how we all notice the style going around- it’s quite obvious how we dress- in skirts and long sleeves, but we also have obvious “frummy” styles of clothing.
    I may be out of date a bit- but wasn’t the long skirt fad over about 2 years ago?

  12. Es: about long skirts, but I think I’ll skip it for now.

  13. NMF#7- not to insult anyone, but yea,it was. maybe more than 2

  14. Es: Thanx for being considerate this time.
    But really it’s ok because I don’t do it for being in style so doesn’t matter when it’s in or not.

  15. Oops! Guilty as charged! My favorite skirt is a worn-out jean skirt that just touches the ground. I wear it to college, too. Ain’t no way I’m gonna stop wearing it. I manage to look presentable with it.

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