Frumgirl 1: Half-Holiday

One of the more difficult topics to dance around in a non-Jewish setting is Chol Hamoed.

It’s an eight day holiday, you tell them, so they ask how you’re going to manage missing eight days of school.

Oh, we’re only missing four, you reply, merely the first two and last two.

But they thought all Jewish holidays needed school-missing?

No, you explain, the eight day holidays like Passover and Succos have a break in the middle where you can do things, but it’s still a holiday.

And they look at you like you, personally, decided to instigate religious holidays deliberately to annoy them.

I’m not so happy about going to school on Chol Hamoed, in general, but I can’t miss a week’s worth of lecture, either. So I’ll avoid writing and feel guilty

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  1. i’ll definately have to agree with you on that one. my professor looked at me quizzically when i told her i’m missing two days for the same holiday-but it’s not two days in a row. she thinks i’m a freak to begin with becuase i’m the only one who didn’t raise my hand when she asked us to raise our hands if we’ve ever passed out in a bar….

  2. My dilemma is whether to go to school on Hoshana Rabbah or not.

  3. I remember having the same qualms in nursing school….

  4. I remember being stuck in school on chol hamoed while my family went on vacation.

    But no one ever asked questions about how come the holiday is separated and stuff like that. I guess where I go they are more aware of Jewish Holidays and stuff.

  5. call it a “festival”- for some reason that has differentiated it for me. Its an eight-day festival, and the beginning and ending are like Shabbat….

  6. My school doesnt care if we miss, they kind of have the attitude that if we want to pass we’ll attend lectures. I go on Chol Hamoed, but simply dont take notes.

  7. I’ve talked to parents who on the first day of school would send a little “packet” of Jewish Holiday info with their kids to give to the teacher to help them understand the missed school days. I’ve never had to deal with school issues, but I know some who have a really hard time explaining why their kids are taking 4 days off for Passover and another jewish kid is only taking off one day…

  8. A girl who sat next to me asked why i was writing diagonal on the page (that was the psak i got) so when i answered its too complicated to explain, and as that day we got back a test that she failed, the guy behind her said “yea he thinks your too stupid to understand” she got insulted… try extricating yourself out of that one

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