Frumgirl 1: Chart of Jewishness

A long long time ago, I wrote about how a field guide on Jews would be extremely helpful for upper level inquirers. People who know some basics, but still can’t see the differences between different types of religious Jews.

Behold, a comprehensive chart of dress:

The only major flaw is the ordering of ultra-Orthodoxy as more “observant” than Chassidim.

Pieced together from screenshots of The Tribe.

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  1. Love it!

  2. I saw The Tribe, very interesting, and who knew there were so many different types of Jew? My favorite: the HindJew.

  3. Nice blog!

  4. could you make it bigger? it’s hard to see

  5. It gets fuzzy and cut off by the wordpress layout.

    I’m thinking about making one of women. Does anyone have Barbie dolls?

  6. This is so funny! But do you really see than many ultra-orthodox guys in short sleeves? Not so much here in Israel, but maybe more in NY?

  7. If you put the chassidish guys after the ultra-orthodox, it wouldn’t be any more accurate. It need not be order of observance… just an order.

  8. I like Unorthodox-Orthodox. 🙂

    In WordPress you should be able to make a small thumbnail that opens up to full size if you click on it. Thats how I do it.

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