Frumgirl 1: Surviving in the Wild

Walmart tends to be portrayed as some sort of big bad evil, rearing its huge box-like ugly head everywhere like a hydra with the sole purpose of sucking local economies dry. While provididng low-paying, cult-like employment to people who then do their shopping at Walmart, sending all local money spiralling back to the vacuum-like corporation.

One definite big plus about the super-giant store: I have learned, over my vacation that one can subsist on only the kosher offerings of Walmart indefinitely, if they need to. If they eat Chalav Stam, anyway.

Kosher canned foods, milk, eggs, and condiments are always available, not to mention Lender’s bagels.

And coffee is kosher, too. Because living without coffee is hardly considered surviving.

Walmart has effectively made America kosher, accessible to any frummie with a car and GPS willing to brave current gas prices. No food schlepping necessary. Anywhere that a Walmart stands, a frummie can survive if need be.

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  1. That is an advantage, but there are usually also small stores that have stuff you can eat, wherever you go.

  2. no there’s no place like walmart. where else can you get food, clothing, medicine, soap, guns, pet food, shoes, and furniture all in one store?

  3. I was in South Carolina and guess what Wal-Mart had? Bartenura wine and Wacky-Mac! I could subsist on that forever 😛

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