Frumgirl 1: Frummie Voice

“Are you Jewish?” asked my blind patient in his Morgan Freeman voice.

“Uh…yeah.” I tentatively responded.

“Religious, right?”

“Yeah.” He laughed. It sounded like a small earthquake.

“How can you tell?” I asked.

“Your English.”

I’m so frummie even a blind man can pin me in an instant. Heaven help.

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  1. “Beis Yaakov” and the like leave an imprint on more than just a girl’s middos…

  2. whaja saaay?

  3. I asked him how he was feeling. If his ankle was getting better, worse, or staying the same. Where he’d put it on a pain scale that day.

    Nothing unusual…but first my shoes and now my language.

  4. That is pretty sad 😛

  5. The exact same thing happened to me in my math class…the blind guy asked if I was Jewish, I said, yes, and he mentioned that he was as well. It actually didn’t occur to me to ask him how he could tell. I wish now that I had.

  6. Probably because you didn’t have a minority accent and didn’t stick a “mad cool, yo” into the sentence. Because you don’t have a yeshivish accent.

  7. Is there such a thing as a yeshivish accent?
    I thought it was the style of speech- slightly educated- that gave it away.

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