Frumgirl 4: Just in Case You Wondered

A nice thing about attending a secular college: it reminds you why you’re not secular. And I’m not just referring to the many times my Jewish-but-irreligious lab partner tells me how he firmly believes that Jews get kicked around when they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do – while he’s downloading porn. Take these transcripts from one lunch session:

Scene: Cafeteria. Frumgirl4 is IMing a friend and eating rice-cakes and string cheese while Joe, Joseph, and Joey yak and eat cheeseburgers. Suddenly, Joe’s gaze strays out the door to the elevator bank and he shouts

Joe: OHMIGOSH! Did you see that hottie?!

Joey and Joseph turn curiously to look out at the elevator bank while Joe goes on.

She is so hot! Check out those legs! Can you see her?

Joey and Joseph don’t see anyone especially hot and turn to look back at Joe.

Oh, you guys missed her! She was hot. She was so burning hot she was on fire!

Joey: Well then she can’t have been a science student. Laughter all around, then Joey realizes that there’s a science girl at the table. Oh – ah – sorry, I didn’t mean…

Frumgirl4: pauses in her laughing to reassure him: S’ok – I thought it was funny too.

Joe: picks up where he left off. Did you see those shorts? Did you see those shorts?! I didn’t see those shorts. They were so small I saw right through them –

At this point Frumgirl4 peers over the top of her screen to shoot Joe a dirty look while Joseph, a devout Christian, looks uncomfortable. Joe slows down.

You think maybe I shouldn’t be talking about girls this way? He asks, turning the idea over in his head. Nah, if they dress like that, they’re just asking for it! Joey laughs in agreement. Because you guys – she was hot!

The girl was actually a student at the summer program run for high school kids, and there were plenty more running around. Once, I told Joe outright to stop being a perv and keep his eyes on his sandwich. “Why?” he asked. “If they mind, they should just dress like you.”

Well, yes, but…

And again, at the same time, it’s nice to know that my skirt is impermeable enough to stymie the biggest skirt-chaser I have the pleasure of knowing.

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  1. Maybe a “frumgirl” shouldn’t even be sitting with such chazeirim…

  2. Can’t always avoid it – I work with them. We take the same lunch breaks. Get our food in the same place. There’s a limited number of reasons to eat elsewhere.

  3. …and I tried them all. The first week. Human relationships being rather complex, especially at work, you should be able to accept that.

    I’d like to point out that this is not a conversation that occurs on a daily basis. Probably about three times since the summer began. Joe claims he’s merely saying what every man thinks, so I merely respond how any girl with self-respect ought to respond: by telling him to be quiet and/or getting up to leave.

    That said, I find that I infinitely prefer being disgusted by non-Jews in a secular college than being disgusted by Jews in a Jewish college. Occasional reminders about “why” coupled with a bit of adversity builds strength of conviction the way a thousand lectures from high school teachers couldn’t.

  4. Forget anonies like hmmm. You’re handling these issues quite well and creating kiddush hashem.

  5. That is very true, better see it happening at secular colleges then Jews being the ones to say those things. College sure has taught me things, making me proud to be a Jew.

  6. I think it’s actually quite complimentary that your standards of tznius are good enough that you’re not being chased by them!

  7. i agree with them- when girls dress like that (itty bitty shorts) theyre asking to be talked about in such a crude way. (most) non j girls use their body to attract guys… so what do they expect? the guys going to look at their half nakedness and think “wow i bet shes got a great personality and is really intellectual”

    and ditto to NMF #7

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