Frumgirl 1: Frummie Shoes

Since I’ve been out in the clinic lately, I’ve discovered that everyone in NYC healthcare is just a little bit Jewish. Or just a little bit Jewish enough. The higher along the hierarchy you go, the more Yiddish pops up in everyday vocabulary.

I was treating a nice eighty year old semi-retired doctor today. He guessed within two minutes that I’m frum. And mind, it took him twenty minutes to get through his medical history, in full medical detail.

“Yes, I’m Orthodox,” I answered him, “You’re good if you can tell this is a wig.”

“Oh, I knew from your shoes,” he laughed.

“My shoes?”

“Yeah, those slip on type things are Orthodox shoes.”

Ballet flats are frummie-markers?

I spent the rest of the day surreptitiously examining footwear. I am, indeed, the only female wearing ballet flats without stripy socks and slacks visible in a hospital.

Just in case I didn’t feel particularly conspicuous one day, my shoes broadcast my identity and I never even knew it.

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  1. …as if your long sleeves and skirt didn’t give it away!

    but ballet flats are kind of “in” right now, even in the secular world. there was a girl in one of my classes last semester who always wore cute funky shoes. (really i envied her becuase she had tiny feet)

  2. Its very true.
    Living in Brooklyn for most my life I did notice these “frummie shoes”.

    When in Manhattan, the shoes are typically the Jewish giveaway if you cant tell based on their dress.

  3. frumcolleggirl:
    Most people are wearing some sort of sandal these days. Or some sort of heel or espadril. If they’re wearing flats, they’re gold, silver, or Mary Janes.

    I guess ballet flats went out of style while I wasn’t looking?

  4. In Jerusalem the flats are the best way to tell the difference between the American and the Israeli sem girls… Why do all the frum girls wear these shoes? In my imagination somewhere in the bowels of the BY system an order went out to because of some profit sharing agreement with ballet flat manufacturer.

  5. IMHO they’re very ugly. Interesting to know that I’m not marking myself as frum.

    I have seen other people wearing them, but not as much.

  6. They *were* in style in the rest of the world, but the rest of the world has moved on. I notice this happens a lot in frum fashions.

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