Frumgirl 1: Yinglish for “Earthling”

Frum Satire wrote something about the word “goy.”

Last year, a jerk of a guy from the year a head of me patted the pregnant belly of a frumgirl and asked the baby if he was the first “goyims” it had touched.

Aside from his audacity in touching a frumgirl (he knew good and well that it’s a no-no, apparently Earthling protocol states that pregnant bellies are not considered property of the mother and may touched without permission by all and sundry with a fascination for unborn babies,) this was the sort of jerk who would look up Jewish things on Wiki and say obnoxious things to random frum people. He had a fascination with the word “goy” more than any of the other words he’d looked up.

Never understood him. Can’t say I ever understood his sort of jerk, in general.

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