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One of the big things you notice when you go from a lifetime of single-sex education to co-ed is the male specie. Mostly, how much space they take up. Physically and otherwise. I’m not short, and I’m not used to looking up so much. My default head position is straight ahead, but I’m finding myself talking to quite a number of navels these days. It’s really astonishing how tall they can get. My head sometimes doesn’t even reach their shoulders!

And between their egos and their overconfidence, honestly, it leaves little space in the room for the rest of us. The way they jeer when someone doesn’t understand something they do (“That’s so easy”) and are always positive they’re going to succeed (“Why bother studying? It’s only a test on nuclear physics”). The male specie is absolutely fascinating. I’m so glad to now have the opportunity study them more closely.

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  1. Great post- its true- I am 6 feet tall and youd be surprised and how many breasts I look at because I am not used to looking so far down.

    thanks for the link btw

  2. You’re also probably used to Jewish guys, who on average run to the shorter side.

  3. more like Jewish Women are shorter too..I’m 6.2 and I see alotta things I shouldn’t be seeing…

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