Frumgirl 1: Jew Lawyers

Yep, that’s what the college-age black girl called them at Jury duty today. She says they’re supposed to be very good.

There were certainly a large percentage of Jewish people waving clearance passes after the fire drill rigamarole they made us go through at the county courthouse today, but I never thought that “Jew lawyers” were supposedly so good as to have a name with college-age black girls.

The Yeshiva guys, I know, score really well on their LSATs due to their prolonged contact with argumentative logic, cleverly disguised as Gemarah, but you’d think that they’d be lacking the people-people slickness that good lawyers are supposed to have.

Odd things leak out into “common knowledge about Jews.” Like the time one of my classmates thought I had shaved my head after marriage. That, apparently, fit into the body of common knowledge about Orthodox Jews, too. That female black college-age classmate wigged out when I explained it to her.

I don’t think the jury duty girl knew I was Jewish. I should have told her.

Though I suppose at the end of the day the joke’s on her, since she got called for jury and I got excused (woo-hooo!).

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  1. my friends mom who went to a girl-only catholic HS told me that all her friends growing up said their mom’s told them to marry Jewish guys ’cause they don’t drink, and dont beat their wives’–ironically my friends mom married a goy, who eventually converted.

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