Frumgirl1: Wig Out

It is safe to assume that Earthlings don’t realize we’re wearing wigs.

“So you’re both married, right?” asks an Indian professor, in the middle of a practical exam. Lord knows that’s the best time for an interfaith/interculture discussion. Though I suppose it was, since it was following a bit politics regarding another frumgirl who wore pants for said practical and myself who would not. Which, in turn, was followed by a lengthy explanation of the two Rabbis, three opinions phenomenon best left for another post.

“No,” says the other frumgirl, “I’m not married, but she is.”

“You can always tell by us,” I quip, pointing to what my classmates call my do-rag, “because we cover our hair after marriage.”

“Because it’s supposed to special for our husbands,” adds the other frumgirl in a cutesy grade-school tone.

“Oh, I understand,” says the professor, cue the sensitivity face, “I’m from a different culture, too.”

Some Indians feel like aliens too. Who knew?

“Oh, wait,” she remembers, “but the second-years…”

“Those are wigs,” I tell her.

I’m sure there are people out there who would not have been comfortable admitting that. I’m not one of them. If you’re not too embarrassed to wear it in the first place, you should not be too embarrassed to admit it. After all, the point is to look presentable while covering your hair, not to deny the fact that you’re doing so, right?

“Are you serious?” asks the professor in wonder, “I thought all the Jewish girls just had really nice hair.”

Cue the copious laughter.

Note to grad students: diverting the professors into such discussions on practical exams will give you higher grades. Trust me on this.

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  1. After all, the point is to look presentable while covering your hair, not to deny the fact that you’re doing so, right? is the key phrase in this post. That is right on the mark and is the most important thing many forget.

    The problem is that when living among the goyim, most people just want to blend in – not stand out. advertising the wig is standing out as different, while forgetting it is there is blending in and not making waves…

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