Frumgirl1: We the Borg

I drafted a disclaimer:

My opinions (controversial or otherwise) are strictly the product of my own wacky mind and do not reflect the opinions of any persons or groups.

This is to counteract the use of what I will henceforth call the “Borg We”. Professor R coined the term, actually. I don’t remember the actual provocation, really.

“We don’t do that,” said the Bucharian Frumguy, referring to a religious not-doing, not entirely scriptural.

Professor R: “What’s with the ‘we’? What are you, the Borg?”

Frumguy: “What’s the Borg?”

Coining the “we” the “Borg We” serves two purposes:

It serves to demonstrate to those who know what the Borg is how we might as well be one. Grow some individuality, man!

It also serves to provide an opportunity to explain the Borg. They are these half-robot people from Star Trek that operate with a single hive mind. In other words, it’s a science fiction take on “k’ish echud b’lev echud.”

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