Frumgirl 1: Mourning the Death of Color by Wearing Black

Why do frumgirls only wear black?

Who are we mourning?

Sure, black is slimming and practical. It matched everything, wears well, and spans seasons.

Black also is the color-eater, absorbing the entire spectrum. It’s morbid and symbolizes death. It is it the color of funerals. It is the color that Hijabi Muslim women wear, as well as penguin-like frumguys (no, there is no intentional parallel there).

Does practicality outweigh the meaning of things?

If it were practical to use language that wasn’t pleasant, would you do so?

If it were practical, for example, to have an abortion, would you do so?

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  1. practical and wrong or immoral then no
    practical and nothing wrong with it then most people myself included would go with practical

  2. also a sign of self-flagellation (see kesubos 70?)

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