Frumgirl 2: Engagement. The best diet ever.

Yes. It certainly has been a while since my last post. And yes. Handling school and a Jewish engagement is tough. Those other types (including classmates and teachers, and members of the work force…) don’t get it. A Jewish engagement is really tough. You have to deal with lots of stress in a small amount of time (it’s like a pericardial effusion progressing to a full-out tamponade emergent situation…ok, never mind). I love the reaction… You’re engaged? So when is the wedding? When I tell them that the wedding is in 3 months it’s …”Oh. so how exactly are you going to handle planning a wedding in 3 months? Are you dropping out of school?” I certainly do not know how exactly I will be doing this whole wedding thing in three months. But I do know that dropping out of school is not an option. I made it here, I will finish here. Besides this kind of (SUPER good:)) stress in only for three months. Then it will be replaced by a different stress. Yup, that’s life. 

Basically being engaged and continuing educational training in an intense and demanding program that includes research, (really) insane classes, papers, presentations, assignments and your day to day prep for class is not something that is recommended by me. I do not endorse the whole have-your-mind-torn-in-twenty-different-directions at all. It’s quite difficult to listen intently to a lecture on cardiac embryogenesis while getting a phone call from the inviation printer saying: can you send me approval of the typesetting so that we can move on to papers and then handle a phone call from the MIL on the other line saying I need you to take time to come meet-and-greet so-and-so, when do you have time?

Well. In truth, I have the same 24 hours as everyone else, except now, to deal with it all, I have to stretch them to their max… and people wonder why engaged frumgirls lose weight easily.

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  1. I totally agree- engagement is hard to deal with, (although it is a wonderful time :))especially when you are responsible for real life, aka school and tests as well. Although, you seem to be coping admirably!

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