Frumgirl 1: Jewish Enough

Grad students will do anything for free food. That includes jumping through hoops, pretending to be diabetic faculty, and listening to lectures on high-risk obstetrics.

Pretending to be something other than yourself is the most entertaining method. Yesterday, for example, we pretended to be med students and attended a lecture on primary care that advertised free Kosher food.

Here’s an advantage to eating Kosher that doesn’t get much mention: due to the animal magnetism of free meals, there’s always a line or a disorderly pack of hungry wolves surrounding the food table. Kosher people get to cut the line or sequester their food in adequate breathing space.

And here’s a disadvantage of eating Kosher food that doesn’t get much mention, either: it’s never as good as the non-Kosher. They got hot Thai. We got tuna and guacamole with baguettes.

And here’s a method of producing allies via Kosher food that’s entirely new: Upon meeting the guest lecturer himself at the Kosher table, and asking if he was a Kosher eater (since he has no kipah or visible symbols requiring him to pass up hot Thai,) he glances towards the non-Kosher line, winks and says, “Jewish enough!”

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