In Which Frumgirl1 Takes Advantage of Random Frum Guys

I was recently accused of picking up every frum guy I met in the lobby.

“I’m not picking them up, I’m taking advantage of them. They drive me home.” I told her, “and my usual targets are married, anyway.”

“That makes it even worse.”

Really, what’s the point of trudging home through the rain and cold and snow and masses if there are loads of frumguys who’ll drive me home for free in comfort after just a little wheedling and a good puppy-dog look?

Every woman needs to cultivate a good puppy-dog look to successfully navigate life with ease; they get you very far with significantly less effort.

Mine is patented, you can’t have it. Invent your own.

The puppy-dog look works on both frumguys and otherwise. I’ve even tested this claim in a randomized trial. All in the interest of science, of course. Naturally.

If you don’t believe me, you try showing up at your home in a black man’s jeep with mardi gras beads draped on the rearview mirror. My husband, with his ever-infinite patience, was not too happy with that one. Clinical trials have since been terminated.

I now limit myself to picking up frumguys only, even if it draws teasing.

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  1. Good for you. Do what you think is right and ignore the teasing.

  2. If I was a girl I would relish in the shidduch crisis- there is practically a whole economy based on it, notice the proliferation of overpriced trendy restaurants, without all these shidduch dates, there would be no need.

    I would of course take advantage of all the free food coming my way.

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