Frumgirl 1: Trans-planetary Female Knowledge

Observation: Female-male differences do cross both Earthling and Alien societies.

Case in point: Neither Frum girls nor Earthling girls know how to boost a car.

So there we were, stuck in a student parking lot. School, you see, is conveniently located in an exceptionally bad neighborhood.

We had booster cables.

We even had a friendly Earthling willing to share us some of her battery juice.

My (frum) ride calls her father, who gives us instructions over the phone.

The Earthling calls her boyfriend, who simultaneously gives us conflicting instructions over the phone.

Frumgirl2, being a graduate of the illustrious halls of BYA, immediately runs to buy a camera and forever preserve our collective ineptitude.

As for myself, I called Chaveirim.

Twenty minutes later the scene was exactly the same when two nice Williamsburg dudes drove up. We were making tracks in less than a minute.

Lesson to take home: Put Chaveirim’s number in your cell phone contacts. (718-431-8181)

Alternatively, have someone (male) show you how to boost a car.

Published in: on February 3, 2008 at 5:03 PM  Comments (4)  

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  1. So what is the number???

  2. I edited the entry to add it.

  3. Thanks, it’s now in my phone.

  4. Or… become a member of “Triple A” and call them next time.

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