Frumgirl1: Seen in Public

You know you’re in trouble when fellow aliens look at you like you’ve grown a seventh arm.

I used to think an alien was an alien was an alien, and some are green or have balding hat-spots or sneakers but we were all aliens at the end of the day and merit being regarded with fellow-alien looks. Apparently I was wrong. There’s an invisible line of Earthling-association in there.

I’m not that great with entirely irrational invisible lines. I have the iresistable urge to toe them.

First I rode the Q train home with a six-foot-three black classmate. Now, me? I look like your typical academic young-married. Short black skirt, black T-shirt, flats and obligatory rag-on-the-head. The black dude next to me? He looked like a typical middle class black dude; jeans, T-shirt, parka, sneakers and a quarter-inch worth of hair on his head. He’s a nice guy. Smart, too (only smart people get into graduate school, folks.)

So there we are, discussing gross anatomy on the train, and the looks I got were absolutely priceless. Mostly horror from females, and one man was obviously debating whether to come rescue me or not.

I couldn’t resist toeing the line again.

Last week I went ice skating with a different classmate. This one frum woman? She was staring so hard as we whizzed by that she turned a 360 and fell over!

Like I said, absolutely priceless. This warrants further experimentation.

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  1. Hm. I would think you’d have started getting looks already after the fifth arm… shows how much I know, as an unexperienced little undergrad.

  2. I meant inexperienced.
    How embarrassing.
    In Blogger, you can delete mistaken comments.

  3. who were you with?

  4. Hey – is there a graceful answer to “I think our professor is sooo cute”?

  5. I was with a certain European classmate.

    And Bad4, first you have to decide if you agree or not. If you think he’s cute, or he could be cute, you say “yeah, I think so too.” If you think he’s a geezery dweeb or suchlike you say, “really? you like that type?”

  6. Oh, yeah, I totally know the feeling. I’ve walked the streets with goyim and gotten looks too.
    It’s funny 🙂

  7. Who was the second classmate you went ice skating with?

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