Frumgirl 1: Super Albanians

An anecdote from the far side of the alte heim:

“One of my friends? He got this sweet job as a super of a building. He gets free rent and like eighty thousand dollars in salary.” So says one Albanian religious Muslim classmate.

“Really?” says I, “eighty thousand dollars? Maybe I should get a job like that.”

“Hehe,” he laughs, “you can’t. All the supers I know are Albanian. It’s like there’s an a Albanian monopoly in the super-market.”

He pauses.

“Although, the funny thing is, all the buildings? They’re all owned by Orthodox Jews,” he points a finger at myself and the Chassidish dude next to me.


“Yeah,” he smiles wryly, “and I bet you even know them.”

“Give it a shot!” suggests the Chassidish dude.

“My friend? The guy who owns his building is named, uhhh, Rosen____.” (name removed for internet anonymity)

Dude laughs uproariously. “He goes to my shul!”

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  1. Cool.

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