Frumgirl 1: These Lemon Things

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. No, it has nothing to do with Frumgirl2 getting engaged. We were on break from school, so there were no new stories to write about. Then I went away to a bronze age location, forfeiting my internet access for a week.

Engagement in the non-Jewish circles is a very different sort of establishment than engagement by us. It is an indefinite sort of unofficial marriage without the tax benefits; entered with caution and exited under great duress.

Let me introduce you to my classmate M. She can be cut, pasted, and labeled with “Yuppie Personified” without any loose edges dangling from the cookie-cutter at all. Think upper middle class Asian scholastics and drive with some really nice clothes. She showed up after break with a diamond ring. Classy thing, too, either Tiffany or a good copy. Apparently, Earthling yuppies do get engaged after sufficient amounts of time living with their boyfriends. Who knew?

Back in the fall she uttered one of the funniest Jewish relations lines I’ve gotten from a classmate yet. She, ever the anthropologist, had noticed an odd behavior in Chinatown and commented upon it.

“There are these people selling these lemon things (accompanying hand-wave) to lots of Jewish guys with the sideburns for cheap.”

I suppose it was the way she said “lemon things” that was so funny. It broke the yuppie persona.

See, frum people that try to do yuppie always sort of miss. She’s the real thing. You look like posers, folks.

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  1. I wonder what she’d say about the “Arbah Minim shuks” they have here in Israel…

  2. Lemon things? Hah.

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