Frumgirl 1: Diversity and Fridays

You know your graduate school uses affirmative action acceptance procedures when your class reads like a picture book for diversity.

You know your graduate school messed up their affirmative action somewhere when you realize that your class is exactly thirty percent Orthodox Jews.

Diversity, in a nutshell, means that not only must I learn to befriend Earthlings, but I must figure out the fifteen different sorts first. This is more fun than it sounds, really. Yes, diversity is fun.

Remember when I told you I was not your typical Bais Yaakov girl? I like theological discussion. I like to have them with my Mom over a sink full of dishes and I like to have them in the car with my husband at two in the morning, but nothing in this world beats having them with a Mormon, a Seventh Day Adventist, a Run-of-the-Mill Catholic, and a highly religious Muslim in a classroom.

It’s even more fun when you find half-similarities. The Mormons are big on a Family Life much like ours, the Seventh Day Adventist thinks of Saturday as a sort of Shabbos, and the Muslim is not allowed to daven b’yichidus on Fridays.

What can I say? It’s just nice to have someone else rushing out of class Friday afternoons with me, even if it’s only to catch his Muslim minyan at the local Mosque.

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  1. It must make it easier – because everyone has their weird hangups they want people to accept.

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