Frumgirl 2: Frumgirl or not?

Have you ever payed the car-game of guessing whether it is a guy or gal driving the car in front of you? And then you speed up quickly to see if you were right… (really, it’s a game that opens the door to interesting discussions. Try it if you haven’t played before…)

I though the game might be able to be applied to other things in life. Like: When walking in the parking lot, Which car is that person gonna walk up to?, When standing on-line in the grocery and looking at the items in other people’s shopping baskets, Married or not married?, When in college, frumgirl or not?

Well, the last one is not so much of a game. That is, considering the fact that frumgirls kind of stick out… They’re the ones who are huddled around the tiny ‘kosher section’ of pre-packaged, doubly-wrapped, extremely tasteless food in the cafeteria. They’re the ones who use a separate microwave (heard: why do the religious ones need a separate microwave for their pickles? Yes, he was from ‘out-of-town’)…etc. 

Nope don’t need a game. We pretty much stand-apart anyway.

And in response to frumgirl 1 and the glove high-five…not so-ok. However, there’s always the ‘kosher high-five’ the kind where you miss slapping hands on purpose… But then try explaining that.

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  1. You microwave pickles?! You frummies are stranger.

  2. Married or not married is not much of a game either. We have rings so that such incertaintly is eliminated

  3. Not always so easy to pick out the frum girls, even if you are one. Teaching at St. Johns, the first day of class I picked out a frum girl on the end of a row, sitting by herself. It was hot but there were the long sleeves to the wrist, the skirt 4 inchse below the knee and the pantihose. The hair style fit in perfectly–a shoulder length pageboy. Imagine my surprise when I was reading the student biographies they wrote for me to discover that my frum girl was “frum” alright–a novitiate at a Catholic nunnery.

  4. There’s always the fake high-five in which you stop about an inch away from their hands.
    Also, it’s simple. “I can’t touch guys I’m not married to.” Period. They already know you’re Jewish. They know you have customs that can be deemed “strange” and who knows what else…so that’ll just be added to the list.

  5. Another good game to play is “Guess the Subway Stop Each Person Will Get Off At.” On the Q, if hipsterish: 7th Avenue, Lubavitch: Atlantic. It’s a pretty hard game, I was happy the day I got about 30% accuracy.

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